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ARI American Real Estate Investment For Canadians

Why Now is the Time to Invest - in American Real Estate

The price of real estate in the U.S. is low, just like it was in Alberta before the boom but it’s not going to stay low for much longer. Because real estate has always been cyclical, prices will go up – they always have. In fact, the very beginnings of price increases are starting to happen now. The U.S. is gradually emerging out of the recession. Buying American real estate is like buying in Alberta before the boom. It’s just like buying Alberta real estate in the 1980’s and 90’s.
When the Alberta real estate market was depressed very few people could foresee prices going up. Those that could foresee it bought up investment properties at extremely low prices and made huge profits years later. The exact same situation exists in the U.S. right now. We at A.R.I. help people take advantage of this unique opportunity.
By investing in American real estate you can still make a fortune. The time has passed in Canada to do this. The key to all successful investments is to buy low and sell high. It is no longer possible to buy low in Alberta but this opportunity very much exists in the U.S.
The bargains are out there, the key is to know the techniques to find them. You can purchase property as an investment to rent out at high rates, or you can use it as a vacation/retirement getaway in the warm, sunny south.
Real estate investment can be the key to a secure and early retirement and real estate has always outperformed the stock market in the long term. The world’s population steadily increases but the supply of land does not. The U.S. is by far the most sought after destination for immigration. Large numbers of retiring Canadian baby boomers will buying up retirement properties in American sun belt areas, driving up prices even more.

Our Services

A.R.I. does the work for you. Our team knows how to get the best deals – at much lower prices than you would get through a realtor. A.R.I. has inside knowledge of foreclosures and distressed properties that realtors simply don’t have. The average person doesn’t have the knowledge, the contacts or the time to access this information. At A.R.I we do all of this for you. Take advantage of our considerable knowledge and expertise. We will guide you through the entire process. Discover how easy and profitable it is to invest in American real estate through A.R.I.
With dual Canadian/American citizenship, we have the ability to operate in both countries with ease. We know which areas of the U.S. are the best to invest in. We know how to read the numbers. It’s too complicated for the average person – put the professionals on your side.
We know how to negotiate effectively. We know which neighborhoods to invest in and which ones to stay away from. Our detailed analysis determines what categories of properties are best to invest in. By consulting with you, we will clarify what type of property will most suit your needs and budget: apartments, townhouses, single family dwellings or entire apartment buildings.
A.R.I. knows numerous methods and techniques that enable the purchase of the best properties at the lowest possible prices - prices that you will never see advertised. Don’t pay retail for real estate.

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Our Mission

At A.R.I. our passion is to provide outstanding American real estate investment opportunities for Canadians. Our promise is to provide a much higher rate of return than you can get in typical investments. How much return on your money are you getting now? Would you like to do better?
A.R.I. will be coming out with a free book that describes the strategies and the secrets to investing successfully in American real estate. Based on years of research and knowledge, the book tells you what to do and what not to do. Find out how to create wealth through real estate when prices are at rock bottom. Learn creative solutions to problems that hamper the typical real estate investor. At A.R.I. it’s all about about achieving your own dreams and goals. Talk to us today. For a free consultation phone us at 780-217-3257 / 780-484-2525 or email us at We look forward to discussing what A.R.I. can do for you.

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What we offer

Dynamic new wealth strategies in real estate

Proven systems

Powerful negotiating skills

Tools and techniques to overcome roadblocks

A clear understanding of the rules for successful investing

Effective, proven systems to make money in real estate no matter what the market is doing



We have the Best Apartments for your choice, in our range of apartments we offer you affordable apartments and choices for your living selection either its urban or town based selection is up to you we recommend the most suitable apartments for your requirement.

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Town Homes

There is a range town home collection in out property list most of the properties are well maintained and not hardly used, We develop the property entirely before we sell it to you all the problems will be cleared including sanitation and awareness with a guarantee of safety.

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Single Family Residence

We give you the best family residences to suit your needs we have 3-5 member residence from 5-15 and larger family residencies with safe and secure with 100% quality check we double check the safety because families includes children we guarantee that the property is safe for children.

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